Experienced member Bill Nairn CPAGB was the judge for our May competition, which unfortunately due to some technical challenges had fewer digital entries than usual.   Apologies to those members who missed out - we will include your images in our June contest.  We also had an unusually low number of prints this time, so we're looking for more next time when Jim Cunningham from Blackburn comes to judge.

This time round, it's congratulations to Alex Dawson and Iain Houghton for top spots in the prints and DPI sections respectively, and to Jeff Kay for once again winning the theme challenge.

Here's the top images this time round:


1   Evening Blossom - Alex Dawson
2   Mobile Busker - Alex Dawson

Digitally Projected Images

1  Ready to Depart - Iain Houghton
2  Heinken on Pulmonaria - Bill Senior
3  Innominate House - Bill Senior

The theme competition was again won by Jeff Kay, this time with his jewellery-themed still life "The Collection".  Next month's theme is "Water", and the competition will take place on Monday 26 June, with guest judge Jim Cunningham from Blackburn.  Closing date for entries is midnight, Saturday 24 June.