The club is run by a committee consisting of eight positions, who oversee the club's activities.

Our current officials are: 

Chairman: Alex Dawson
Secretary: Pete Reddy (tel 01254 672762)
Treasurer: Martin Powell
Programme Secretary John Cowburn (07518 656919 or
L&CPU / ICPA Delegate Bill Nairn CPAGB
Internal Competition Secretary David Crabtree (
External Competition Secretary Bill Senior LRPS CPAGB (
Website Editor Iain Houghton (07831 683634 or


Elections for all our committee positions take place at the club's AGM in January.

We welcome any feedback on the site - please email to leave your comments or get in touch.


Judging Panel

Our internal competitions are usually judged by one of our own more experienced members, who follow an informal rota (subject to availability).  Occasionally we invite an external judge to the club to provide a different opinion on our images.  Our current judging panel is:

  • Alex Dawson
  • Bill Nairn CPAGB
  • Iain Houghton
  • David Fowler
  • Graham Dean AFIAP CPAGB BPE1*
  • Bill Senior ARPS CPAGB

Usually our competitions are judged and scored one image at a time, with those regarded as the best held back for final placing.  Occasionally we run the competition in a slightly different 'knock-out' format, where images are slowly eliminated from the competition round by round.   Images are scored depending on which round they reach.  These competitions are either assessed by a judge from the panel (or an external judge), but in this format we can also run it based on audience feedback.