The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain organise two main competitions for all affiliated clubs to compete.  There is the PAGB Cup competition, for digitally projected images, which usually takes place in February, then in summer there is the Inter-Club Print Championship and Inter-Club Projected Image Championship.

PAGB Great British Cup

Darwen Camera Club enter the Small Clubs 'Open' competition, which involves an entry of 10 images, which must be from at least 4 different photographers, and not more than 4 images from any one individual.  There is also a Nature competition, where strict rules on acceptable images apply.  Club entries must comprise a minumum of 3 and maximum of 21 images, the top 10 images being scored (clubs entering less than 10 images won't be ranked).  There is an individual award within this competition for the PAGB NAture Photographer of the Year.

  • 2017 Nature entry (score 103 out of 150).  Overall placing: 68= / 110

The top 10 scoring images make up the club's score, and we've provided a link to the full results table. 

No Image Photographer Score
N01 Abyssinian Roller Alex Dawson 9
N02 Brown Hare Bedtime Les Price 10
N03 Common Sandpiper unknown 10
N04 Elephant Roadblock Jean Price 10
N05 Grizzly Growl Les Price 10
N06 Moss With Capsules Bill Senior ARPS CPAGB 12
N07 Namibian Lion Looking... Jean Price 10
N08 Painted Lady Michael Foley 11
N09 Ready for a Wash Les Price 10
N10 Sulphur Tufts Bill Senior CPAGB 11


  • 2017 Small Clubs entry (score 96 out of 150).  Overall placing: 46 / 72

The entry consists of 10 images, each scored out of 15

No Image Photographer Score
S01 Aerial Formation David Crabtree  10
S02  Erratic Boulder & Ingleborough Bill Senior ARPS CPAGB  9
S03  Formby Sand Dunes Jim Horsfield  9
S04  Late Night Commuter Iain Houghton  9
S05  Morning Frost, River Brathay Michael Foley  12
S06  Remembrance Bill Nairn CPAGB  11
S07  Sunflower Tommy Eatough  9
S08  Sunday Afternoon Alex Dawson  9
S09  Victoria Falls John Cowburn  8
S10  Wasdale in Winter Michael Foley  10
  • 2016 Nature entry (score 114 out of 150).  Overall placing: 58=

The top 10 scoring images make up the club's score, and we've provided a link to the full results table. 

No Image Photographer Score
N01 Black-veined White Mike Foley 11
N02 High Brown Frittillary Mike Foley 11
N03 Kestrel Mike Foley 10
N04 Monarch Butterflies Alex Dawson 13
N05 Great Tit on Willow Christine Dickinson CPAGB 11
N06 Red Kite in Flight Christine Dickinson CPAGB 10
N07 Red Kite Feeding in Flight Barry Dickinson CPAGB 11
N08 Grasshopper Bill Senior CPAGB 12
N09 Leafhopper Bill Senior CPAGB 12
N10 Fungal Attack Bill Senior CPAGB 13


  • 2016 Small Clubs entry (score 101 out of 150).  Overall placing: 43 / 61

The entry consists of 10 images, each scored out of 15

No Image Photographer Score
S01 A Dirty Day Bill Nairn CPAGB 11
S02  Apocalypse Alex Dawson 11 
S03  Beetham Tower at Night Iain Houghton 10 
S04  Galatea at Ribblehead Jim Horsfield
S05  Ill Bell Dusk John Cowburn 12 
S06  Is'th Kettle on, lad? David Crabtree 10 
S07  Music Hath Charms Alex Dawson
S08  New Year in Haworth Tommy Eatough
S09  Stress Jeff Kay
S10  Vulcan Pat Kay 11 


  • 2015 Nature entry (total 93 out of 150)

The top 10 scoring images make up the club's overall score

No Image Photographer Score
N01 Amethyst Deceiver Bill Senior CPAGB 11
N02 Bee-eater Mike Foley 9
N03 Blowfly Bill Senior CPAGB 10
N04 Cotton Top Tamarin Alex Dawson 9
N05 Eagle in Flight Barry Dickinson CPAGB 9
N06 Great Tit Feeding Christine Dickinson CPAGB 9
N07 Greenshank Mike Foley 9
N08 Grey Heron Mike Foley 9
N09 Grey Tawny Owl Christine Dickinson CPAGB 7
N10 Greylag Geese in Flight Iain Houghton 9
N11 Heineken Fly Bill Senior CPAGB 9
N12 Kestrel Barry Dickinson CPAGB 9
N13 Ring Tailed Lemur Jim Horsfield 9


  • 2015 Small Clubs entry (total 101 out of 150)
No Image Photographer Score
 S01 Atlas Mountain Morning John Cowburn 12
S02  Colne Grand Prix Christine Dickinson CPAGB 12
S03  Cool Jeff Kay 9
S04  Cumbrian Mountain Express Martin Powell 10
S05  Forgotten Flower Tommy Eatough 9
S06  Mosastir Mosque Alex Dawson 10
S07  Salford Quays Graham Dean AFIAP CPAGB BPE1 10
S08  Staring at the Sun Iain Houghton 9
S09  Washday, Hebden Bridge Bill Nairn CPAGB 9
S10  Working Hands Barry Dickinson CPAGB 11