The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain organise two main competitions for all affiliated clubs to compete.  The two we can enter are the GB Trophy competition for printed images and the GB Cup for  digitally projected images.  Both these currently take place in January each year.  The PAGB do run other club competitions that are by invitation only, and there is an inter-Federation competition too.

PAGB Great British Cup

There are two sections, 'Open' and 'Nature'.  Open entries must be between 4 and 24 images, from at least 4 different photographers, and not more than 4 images from any one individual.  The same numbers apply for the Nature competition, except that club entries will be accepted even if there is only one photographer (the limit of 4 images still applies).  A club's score will be determined from the top 12 scoring images.  There are additional rules for nature, the main ones being domesticed plants and animals are not permitted, and images with obviously artistic treatments are not allowed.  There are individual awards available in all competitions.

2020 GB Cup (Small Clubs) (score 97 out of 150).  Overall placing: 37th out of 40

No Image Photographer Score
S01 A Cold Afternoon on the Fell John Cowburn 13 A
S02 A Place of Study Martin Powell 9
S03 Approaching Storm Bill Nairm CPAGB 10
S04 Beverley Minster Ken Tebay 9
S05 Early Morning Rydal Water Les Price 10
S06 Lone Man at Crossing David Crabtree 9
S07 Honister Pass Jim Horsfield 9
S08 Morning Delivery David Fowler 9
S09 Rooftop Vista Alex Dawson 9
S10 Sage Reflections Gateshead Iain Houghton 10

An 'A' indicates the image has been accepted for the folio.

2020 Nature (score 111 out of 180).  Placed 54th out of 86 clubs

No Image Photographer Score
N01 Coming in to Land Bill Senior ARPS CPAGB 12
N02  Hoverfly Bill Senior ARPS CPAGB 10
N03  Ruff Iain Houghton 9
N04  Barn Owl Iain Houghton 10
N05  Common Kingfisher Iain Houghton 11
N06  Roe Deer Iain Houghton 9
N07  Hyena Chase Jean Price 13 A
N08  Hyena Feeding Jean Price 13 A
N09  Spotted Hyena Jean Price 11
N10  Brown Hare Les Price 0
N11 Heron Early Evening Flight Les Price 12
N12 Territorial Dispute Les Price 10

An 'A' indicates the image has been accepted for the folio.