The Lancashire & Cheshire Photographic Union (L&CPU) is the umbrella body for camera clubs and photographic societies in the North West.  The L&CPU organise an Individual competition and two inter-club competitions, one in an open format where all images are scored in one viewing, and one a knockout format, where images are gradually knocked out and score more the further they progress.  All these competitions are open to members of affiliated clubs.

A kestrel sorting his feathers whilst perched on a seat post.L&CPU Club Knockout 2021
November 2021

Darwen entered the L&CPU Club Digitally Projected Images knockout competition, held at Elm Bank Conference Centre, Eccles.  The competition was judged by Howard Tate from the Yorkshire Photographic Federation.  Darwen came 20th out of 42 clubs.  Les Price's image "Kestrel Pruning" made it through to round 7 and was one of the top 8 images overall.


L&CPU Club Competition 2021
March 2021

Digitally Projected Images

In the Annual club Digitally Projected Images competition, Darwen finished 37th out of 41 clubs in the Open category, 32nd out of 40 in the Nature category and 36th out of 42 overall.  The pandemic was a factor in our decision not to enter the prints competitions this year.

Here are our competition entries in the Open category:

No Image Photographer Score
1 Foggy Morning Walk Ken Tebay 16
2 Earnsdale Reservoir Reflections Jim Horsfield 14
3 Perfect End of the Day John Cowburn 16
4 Squrran An Fheidain Ken Tebay 15
5 Birth Bill Nairn CPAGB d/q
6 The Arch Alex Dawson 15
7 Steam Carpet David Fowler 16
8 Spiral Iain Houghton 14
9 Rainbow Dawn John Cowburn 16
10 Valetta, Malta Rochelle Boardman 16
11 Abandon Ship Rochelle Boardman 15
12 Three Swans Flying Bill Senior LRPS CPAGB 16
13 Playtime Bill Nairn CPAGB 14
14 Approaching Storm...... John Cowburn 16
15 Crucifixion Dave Crabtree 14
16 Eurofighter takes off Martin Powell 16


These were our images in the Nature category:

No Title Photographer Score
1 Seals Alex Dawson 15
2 Heron, Early Evening Flight Les Price 16
3 Just Before Sunrise Jean Price 14
4 Idea malabarica, butterfly     David Crabtree 15
5 Dolphins Alex Dawson 14
6 Meerkat Dawn Lookout Jean Price 14
7 Young Gull Catching Tiddler Les Price 16
8 Cabbage White Larvae Feeding Bill senior LRPS CPAGB 14