The club organise an internal monthly competition for both digital photographs and prints that are open for members to enter if they wish.

Each member can submit up to a maximum of four pictures into the monthly competition, with a maximum of three images in any one category.  All internal competitions are normally judged within the club by one of our own members (occasionally we arrange for a guest judge from another club).  There are no annual competitions, trophies or medals though we do post the top three placing each month on this site.

There is also an additional and optional themed competition (in digital format only), whcih members are encouraged to enter.  This is generally taken a little less seriously and is judged on the night by a show of hands from the audience.  The theme for the following month is chosen by the winner, so if you plan to enter, make sure you've thought of a theme for next time in case you win!

Digital photos should be submitted in jpeg format, sized at 1600 x 1200 pixels in sRGB colour space and forwarded to our (check Preparing Images for more information on how to do this).  Prints can be any size but must be mounted on card.  Don't be concerned by this - any of our regular members will help ensure your pictures are the right size and in the right format!

The club's monthly competition takes place every four or five weeks throughout the year, and gives members the opportunity to share their work and hopefully impress the judge!  Our internal competitions are friendly events, with an emphasis on feedback and encouragement.


  • Digitally Projected Images (1600 x 1200 pixels, sRGB colourspace)
  • Prints (any size, mounted on card)


Note: Digital images sent to will also be considered for the club's Image Bank*, a pool of images from which we select entries to represent the club in external competitions.  If you would like a printed image to be considered for external competition, then you must also forward a digital version (again at 1600 x 1200px in sRGB) to the same mailbox.  A digital version of each print is necessary because most external competitions now insist on a digital file as well as the print as a condition of entry.  This is so all accepted images can be circulated to clubs on a CD.  If you are submitting a digital version of a print, please ensure it is clearly marked as such, otherwise it will be treated as a digital entry.

Prints prepared for entry to external competition can be any size but mounted on card.  The card MUST be sized strictly at 500 x 400mm (50 x 40 cm).  This is approximately 20" x 16", however it's important that the metric size is used as they are not the same.  The reason for this is that prints meeting the standard of 'acceptance' are circulated to all clubs over the following 12 months.  If images were accepted on cards of different sizes, then they would damage each other in transit.  Having all mounts identically sized minimises this risk.

* Link only available to active club members registered with this site.  Contact if you are unable to see this page but feel you should.