'Street Photography - a different perspective' - an on-line presentation by Brian Law

Monday 08 March 2021
19:30 to 22:00

Learn some new techniques for street photography with Brian Law CPAGB ARPS who will present his lecture on Zoom. 

On the face of it Street Photography is the simplest of all genres to get involved in: all you need is a camera and access to an urban environment, and off you go. Despite this apparent simplicity, many photographers produce mediocre and uninteresting work. To understand why street photography is so difficult, we will look at the style and content of classic images taken by a group of young photographers in 1960s New York. These workers produced vibrant images, which were un-posed, with off-kilter verticals, figures cut off at the edge etc. Their confrontational style helped create a look that gained them both fame and notoriety. We will then look at how this style was pre-empted to a degree by other photographers such as Robert Frank and Cartier-Bresson who broached, but never fully embraced street photography. In the final part of the talk we will look at the modern interpretation of street photography and how this incorporates a wide range of sub-genres where pretty much anything goes.

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We will be joined by Blackburn CC


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